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What is "High-Speed Internet Access" for hotels?
Technology has developed to the stage where most hotel / motel establishments can offer business clients Internet access in the privacy of their room at no charge. Numerous establishments are capitalizing on offering guestroom Internet access as an added feature.

Program Components
Network Installation:
Digitron installs a complete and functional Internet access network in all or selected guest rooms. Typically, hotel management extends the service to include office operations.
Internet Access:
Digitron completes all arrangements with a 1st tier Internet access provider (XO, Verizon, Earthlink, etc.). There is a one-time installation charge for the installation of high speed Internet access.
Capital Recovery:
A wide range of capital recovery options are available. Although this program is intended as a value added feature for sales of guest rooms and meeting rooms, additional revenues are available based on various available options (computer cart rental, printing charges, etc).
  Monthly Operating Expense:
The monthly operating expenses are:
Internet access paid to the 1st tier Internet provider ranges from $150.00 to $300.00 per month.
Optional maintenance contract with Digitron ranges from $75.00 to $150.00 per month. No other monthly expenses are incurred!

Program Options
Service Contract:
Digitron can provide an optional on-site service contract ranging from 4-hour response to 24-hour response. All equipment and labor expenses are included in the service contract.
Guest Room Computer Cart:
Digitron can provide portable hand cart computers, pre-configured for trouble free Internet access.
Document Printing:
Digitron can provide all necessary hardware and labor to allow hotel guests to access the Internet and print documents (Email, Web sites, etc.) directly to the hotel network printer.

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